The BEST Bali Tours and Excursions in 2023

The BEST Bali Tours and Excursions in 2023  

Jelajah Nusa Travel – Hello, Jelajah Nusa Travelers! this time we will discuss The BEST Bali Tours and Excursions in 2023.

Bali is one of the most evocative places to visit in the entire Indonesian archipelago. A visit here sparks the senses. The intoxicating fragrance of incense and clove oil hangs in the thick tropical air. Peanuts sizzle at roadside stalls, petal- strewn offerings smolder on busy sidewalks, and traditional gamelan music jangles against the buzz of mopeds.

Despite the clamor and chaos of the main tourist areas, the island is rich in alami beauty, with attractions for every kind of traveler. Surfers come for the legendary swells, hikers can trek up jungly volcanic peaks to misty waterfalls, and cyclists can bike through lush landscapes bristling with rice terraces and dotted with traditional villages.

The islands rich arts scene is another top draw, and if relaxation is your top priority, the spa treatments and shopping in Bali are fabulous– and affordable. Spirituality adds yet another layer to Balis allure, a
nd visiting the magnificent temples and sacred Hindu ceremonies are top things to do in Bali.

Since the famous book and film Eat, Pray, Love spotlighted this enchanting island, the tourist throngs have undeniably swelled, but you can still experience Old Bali if you stray off the beaten track. Find the best things to do, and some of the islands hidden gems, with our list of the top attractions and places to visit in Bali.

The BEST Bali Tours and Excursions in 2023

1. Pura Tanah Lot

About 20 kilometers northwest of Kuta, Pura Tanah Lot(” Pura” means temple in Balinese) is one of Balis most iconic temples. Its spectacular seaside setting, on a rocky islet surrounded by crashing waves, is a major wow factor.

For the Balinese people, it is one of the most sacred of all the islands sea temples. Every evening, throngs of tourists from Kuta, Legian, and Sanur find their way through a labyrinth of lanes lined by souvenir sellers to watch the sun setting behind the temple.

Pura Tanah Lot was built at the beginning of the 16th century and is thought to be inspired by the priest Nirartha, World Health Organization asked local fishermen to build a temple here after spending the night on the rock outcrop.

Although foreigners cant enter any of the temples in the complex, you can walk across to the main temple at low tide. Its also fun to wander along the paths, taking photos and soaking up the magnificent setting.

From Tanah Lot, you can stroll along tropically landscaped pathways to beautiful Batu Bolong, another sea temple perched on a rock outcrop with an eroded causeway connecting it to the shore.

After viewing the various temples and shrines, save time to relax at one of the clifftop restaurants and cafés here and sample the famous Kopi luwak( civet coffee). In some of the cafés, friendly civets snooze on the tables, offering fun Instagram- worthy photo ops.

When visiting any temples in Bali, be sure to dress respectfully, and wear a sarong and sash.


2. Mount Batur

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Every day in Balis predawn darkness, hundreds of visitors begin the trek up the 1, 700- meter summit of Mount Batur. Once at the top, they watch the sun rise above the lush mosaic of mist- shrouded mountains and the caldera far below. If youre looking for romantic things to do in Bali for couples, this should be top on your list.

This sacred active volcano lies in Kintamani District in Balis central highlands, about an hours drive from Ubud. The hike, along well- marked trails, is relatively easy and usually takes about two to three hours. Guided treks typically include a picnic breakfast, with eggs cooked by the steam from the active volcano. On a clear day, the views are spectacular, stretching all the way across the Batur caldera; the surrounding mountain range; and beautiful Lake Batur, the islands main source of irrigation water.

Sturdy hiking shoes are essential, and its advisable to wear layers, as the temperature can be cool before sunrise.

You can also combine a trip here with a visit to one of Balis most important temples, Pura Ulun Danu Batur, on the lakes northwest shore, and a therapeutic soak in hot springs at the beautiful village of Toya Bungkah on the banks of Lake Batur.


3. Uluwatu Temple

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Uluwatu Temple( Pura Luhur Uluwatu) is one of the Balis most famous temples, thanks to its magnificent clifftop setting. It presides over plunging sea cliffs above one of Balis best surf spots.

In Balinese,” Ulu” means” tip” or” lands end,” and” Watu” means rock, a fitting name for the location of the temple on the Bukit Peninsula, along the islands southwestern tip. Like Pura Tanah Lot, sunset is the best time to visit, when the sky and sea glow in the late afternoon light.

Archaeological finds here suggest the temple is of megalithic origin, dating from around the 10th century. The temple is believed to protect Bali from evil sea spirits, while the monkeys World Health Organization dwell in the forest near its entrance are thought to guard the temple from bad influences( keep your belongings securely stashed away from their nimble grasp).

A scenic pathway snakes from the entrance to the temple, with breathtaking viewpoints along the way. Only Hindu worshippers are allowed to enter the temple, but the beautiful setting and the sunset Kecak dance performances that take place here daily are more than worth the visit.

The temple lies about 25 kilometers from Kuta.


4. Ubud Monkey Forest

The BEST Bali Tours and Excursions in 2023

Visiting the Monkey Forest, also known as the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, is one of the top things to do in Ubud, Bali. Its also one of the best places to visit in Bali if youre an animal lover or photographer. You can walk here in about 10 minutes from the town center in Ubud.

Besides the entertaining troops of grey long- tailed macaques that make their home here, a large part of the appeal is the evocative jungle setting where the monkeys roam gratis. Paved pathways lead through thick forests of giant banyan and nutmeg trees, where moss- covered statues and ancient temples loom through the dense foliage, imparting an almost mystical feel.

The forest is intended to represent the harmonious coexistence between humans and animals. It also conserves rare plants and is used as a location for researching macaque behavior, particularly their social interaction.

On the southwest side of the forest is one of the three temples found here: the 14th- century Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal. Here, hundreds of monkeys swing through the trees and clamber over the walls.

In the northwest of the forest, an ancient bathing temple, Pura Beji, nestles next to a cool stream and makes a beautiful latar belakang for watching the monkeys antics.

While visiting the forest, make sure to secure your belongings, and avoid direct eye contact with the animals( and smiling), as this can be interpreted as a sign of aggression. Its also a good idea not to bring any food into the zona.

Address: Jalur Monkey Forest, Padangtegal, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali


5. Ubud Art&Culture

The BEST Bali Tours

Made famous by the book and movie Eat, Pray, Love, Ubud is also the epicenter of Balinese art and culture. This is where the modern Balinese art movement was born, with the surrounding royal palaces and temples acting as the main patrons.

Today, several excellent local museums and galleries celebrate its evolution and traditions. Art gazing is particularly rewarding here, as many collections are housed in traditional Balinese buildings surrounded by serene tropical gardens.

For an overview of Balinese art, your first stops should be Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) and the Neka Art Museum, which lie within a short stroll of the Ubud Monkey Forest. Collections at both include works ranging from traditional to contemporary, including kris( ceremonial daggers), photography, and classical wayang( puppet- figure) paintings.

Other art galleries and museums in the Ubud zona that might be of interest to art lovers include Setia Darma House of Masks& Puppets featuring ceremonial masks from Asia and beyond; Museum Puri Lukisan, spanning a range of Balinese artistic styles; and the Don Antonio Blanco Museum, at the artists former home and studio.

If shopping for art is more your gaya, dont miss the Ubud Art Market. This labyrinth of stalls brims with carvings, sculptures, jewelry, sarongs, paintings, and homewares and is one of the top tourist attractions in Ubud. Bargaining is essential, and a good rule of thumb is to counter with half the asking price and barter upwards from there, always with a smile.

Opposite the market, the Puri Saren Royal Ubud Palace is also worth a visit. Attending a traditional Balinese dance performance during the evening here is one of the top things to do in Bali at night– especially for families. The colorful costumes and hypnotic music will dazzle young and old. During the day, its a beautiful place to photograph some of the architectural features, and stroll through the gardens.

Looking for things to do in Bali with kids to soak up the local culture? Sign up for an art workshop at a local village. Traditional painting, mask- making, and jewelry making are just some of the activities that might appeal to creative young minds.